Escrivaninha LUNA

A Escrivaninha LUNA foi desenvolvida para atender as mulheres mais exigentes, por ela ser de canto garante um bom espaço para organizar as maquiagens ou outros produtos, conta com um espelho redondo sofisticado que agrega mais agregando mais valor e beleza para o seu ambiente, a LUNA é ideal para mulheres sofisticadas e organizadas.

Suspended dressing table Gloss

A piece full of functionality and charm, it has dressing room with mirror and LEDs, which will make your day to day easier when producing your make. It has a large balcony where you can organize decorative objects, makeup and cosmetics, plus a drawer and a niche with door to keep everything well organized.

Corner Desk Dressing Table STAR

In the artistic environment, the dressing room is known for being a room where artists and presenters prepare before their stage performances, the dressing room can also be called a cabinet and through this concept, combining beauty and art, Möbler sought solutions for the day. Women's Day providing a unique experience. These are outstanding and versatile pieces that provide consumers with the ideal products to prepare for the most special occasions, combining modern and minimalist design with everyday utility.

Desk Dressing table Crystal

A dream dressing table, this is Crystal. It has a modern straight line design, which goes well with varied decorations, from modern to classic environments. Designed for women today who need practicality and ample space to accommodate their objects and makeup. It is beautiful furniture, super functional and high quality.

Desk Suspended Dressing Table Elegance

The Elegance Suspended Dressing Desk deserves no comment, its sophistication is unique and fits perfectly in any environment. It has objects and accessories due to its versatility, when closed, can be used only as a conventional hanging desk or when opened, as a dressing table to make your make and make your day easier.