Home Malta

Your living room will be cozy and elegant with Home Malta. It supports TVs up to 58 ”, has 3 6mm glass shelves with mirrors and LED lamp, which in addition to bringing beauty to the product, is ideal for you to expose your favorite decorative objects. For organizing electronic devices and personal effects, it has 1 sliding door with volumetric parts and internal partitions. All in a combination of unique colors to add a touch of elegance to the environment, with Möbler design and quality.

Home Atlanta

Conquer the room of your dreams with Home Atlanta, a reference in functionality, beauty and style. Space for up to 63 inch TVs with ample room for electronics and decor. Two gas piston tilting doors for space optimization. In addition to all practicality and comfort, both LED luminaires value the product and the environment. Möbler's impeccable finish brings the texture and natural touch of wood, strokes and shapes to the most beautiful furniture in your living room.

Home Moscou

Designed to be the center of attention. Besides being beautiful, it is much better to watch TV in a home like Moscow. Beauty and functionality are two attributes present in every detail of home Moscow. With room for up to 65 ”mega TV, it will be great to spend moments with the whole family watching your favorite shows. In addition to the mirrors and LED, the tubular structures are a charm apart, ennoble the environment and give that special touch to the decoration of your room.

Home Valência

Home Valencia is designed to make your living room super impactful! Owner of an innovative style, with glass shelves and LED strip, it supports up to 65 inch televisions, has variations of tones and colors that are trend and beaded details that will enrich your environment. Made of high definition printing MDF that reproduces and brings the nobility of wood to your home!

Suspended Bench Londres

If you love the practicality of suspended countertops and want to complement your living room with a touch of elegance, the London suspended countertop is ideal. With up to 48-inch TV space, this panel ensures your TV is suspended so you have more room for your electronics and beaded decorations and details that will enrich your environment. An amazing and super versatile suspended bench that combines practicality with elegance, style and functionality.

Home Suspended Tokyo

Tokyo Suspended Home is modern and versatile designed to bring practicality and elegance to your living room. It has a door and panel overlaid with decorative strips with LED tape, excellent quality with a great finish in UV painting. It has 2 sliding doors, 3 6mm glass shelves that add an extra charm to the product. Check out!

Home Suspended Barcelona

The details of this product will further enhance your environment. The lighting effect is due to the LED built into the upper side shelf. It is activated by a timely switch that is discreet and easily accessible. Another detail that needs to be highlighted is that it also has 3 tilting doors with decorative mirrors where you can store various objects and organize your room.

Panel Venice

The Venice Panel has been inspired by contemporary design elements, thinking of elegance and modernity for your living room. The touch of modernity comes from the tower of bisotê mirrors that add refinement and sophistication to its environment.

Home Suspended Barcelona

TV space up to 58”.

25mm shelves and beams.

Decorative mirror on the doors an between the beams.

Espejos decorativos en las puertas y entre las vigas.

25mm manufactured MDF top with painted edge.

3 gas piston tilting doors.

LED light.